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Solo Recordings
Note: If you hear a MIDI sequence playing right now, it's my tune Surf Song.

Padova (6.7 MB) is a samba I wrote during the summer of 1992 while working in Padova, Italy. I used to play it with just conga accompaniment with the nova trio. It's a good tune to dance to.

My Tango (6.2 MB) is a bolero (I thought it was a tango at the time) that I wrote ages ago as well. I love the synth French accordian on this. This is a re-recording done of the tune in late 2005.

The Look of Love (7.4 MB) is one of my favorite Bacharach tunes.

How Can I Miss You (When You Won't Go Away)? (3.3 MB) is a funny Dan Hicks country swing number that I've always loved. I recorded this for a friend that was hosting an anti-Valentines party in Second Life.

Gone (George Benson) (3.2 MB) is a MIDI-only hip-hop arrangement of a George Benson tune (from Live at Carnegie Hall). This is the only MIDI guitar I've done that I like. This little song makes a great dance loop.

Miami House (5.9 MB) is my attempt at a house tune with a Miami sound. It originally had guitar, but this version, MIDI sequenced and played on my Roland Sound Canvas synth, has piano instead. I'm a terrible piano player, so keep the comments to yourself! It's got an excellent dance beat, whether or not you like the musicianship.

The Easter Wrench (3.4 MB) is a joke tune I did when I wanted to do an eerie tune with 5/4 meter. The vocal clips come from a video that I shot while we were reassembling the experiment, MST, that I worked on at Wisconsin. You hear me ("We dubbed this wrench 'The Easter Wrench'"), Tom Lovell ("Rock?!"), Dave Maurer ("Shlufte has more torque than Jerry does"), Jerry Frank ("I'm just gonna drill it in, hang on!"), and a special appearance by Trudy Rempel at the end.