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Sam's Home Page

Sam Hi. I'm Sam Hokin, formerly an experimental plasma physicist, currently a business owner and programmer, math and physics teacher, and always a musician.

I was born on September 21, 1960, I'm married to Carla Shedivy, and we have two kids, Natalia and Mitchell. We grew up in Wisconsin and live in Madison.

My "straight job" is Partner and Senior Developer at IMS, where I write Internet applications including database-driven Web sites and Java client-server apps. Currently, the two main IMS products that I wrote are SiteManager and Neptune (which is running this site).

I also started teaching math at Madison College (formerly known as MATC) in 2010, and I've got a part-time gig teaching Physics 207 at the UW for Spring 2011.

Before becoming a professional programmer, I was a plasma physicist, most recently at the Fusion Plasma Physics Division of the Alfvén lab at KTH (The Royal Institute of Technology) in Stockholm; before that I was an assistant professor in the Department of Physics in the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

I play guitar, sing, write songs and arrange and produce music with a home digital audio workstation (with an Alesis Firewire 16 mixer and Sonar). The main reason I have a website is to give you a chance to listen to some of my music. Enjoy!

In addition to music, I'm also an avid motorcycle enthusiast (I ride a 1991 BMW K75RT), skier (both alpine and nordic), and I love to travel. Especially on my bike.