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Road America 6/7/11

This video was shot by Tim Pierce, who tailed me for the first couple of laps before he passed me out of the Bend and rode a few more on his own at a faster pace. Tim, who pitted next to me, normally rides in the Advanced group, but was recovering from pneumonia and rode in the Intermediate group to take it easy on his body. Lucky for me! My full recorded lap is a 3:10, which is quite slow. Good advanced riders do 2:30 laps. The 1000cc lap record is 2:12, the 600cc lap record is 2:20. I haven't broken 3:00 yet, but there are some very obvious places I could improve my lap speed, if I cared enough.

This video covers an entire session, from pit out to track exit, so you get a good idea of what a 20-minute track session at Road America is like.