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Astrin Few, Second Life Musician

Here is a sampling of some stuff I recorded while performing solo as Astrin Few in Second Life. There isn't really any difference between what I perform in Second Life and real life, but some of the tunes linked here were recorded in live shows in Second Life, so they belong here.

My Tango (6.2 MB) is a bolero (not a tango, whoops!) that I wrote around 1992 or so. I love the synth French accordion on this. This recording was done in December 2005 for the Second Life Help Radio stream.

The Look of Love (7.4 MB) is one of my favorite Bacharach tunes.

How Can I Miss You (When You Won't Go Away)?" (3.3 MB) is a funny Dan Hicks country swing number that I've always loved. I recorded this for Joe Montagne, who hosted an anti-Valentines party at the Elbow Room.

Use Me Up (9.4 MB) is a stretched-out version of the Bill Withers tune that I played at a Sunday night show in Second Life. It's an example of a tune I do on electric with backing tracks.